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About Us

Trendoscope is group of developers who have expertise in developing pattern based trading algorithms.

  • Our main developer Sudh (HeWhoMustNotBeNamed), is a software engineer by profession and trader by interest. All the algorithms are published under this account.

  • Sasa (CryptoArch_) is a professional trader who has expertise in Harmonic Patterns and Elliot Waves. Sasa has been instrumental in developing harmonic pattern based scripts.


We are active and all our algorithms are available only on Tradingview Platform. In order to use our algorithms, users must have an account in Tradingview. We do not work on any other platforms and we do not offer freelancing services. We only build products which are published on tradingview platform.


Here are some online places where you can reach us

Contact Information

Telegram is our preferred method of contact. However you can also reach us on other social media platforms mentioned above. You can also write to us using our Contact Us page.

7 day free trial is available for any user and can be freely availed by ordering through trial page

Subscriptions can be purchased via Algorithms page.